And the winner is…

I have been asked by some of you who had finally won the kitty… I had indeed planned on anouncing the winner last week, but then I went on holiday and… ugh… well… I was holidaying all week long. But, now I am back and so you will learn who will get the cat-lady below:


To win her, you had to tell me what Mimisouris (picture below) was thinking:


Alltogether, I have counted 44 valid comments. There was a very cute one but unfortunately I had to disqualify it because it had arrived after the deadline… Most of the comments were in french, although there were some in german and in english too. It was really hard to designate a winner! After several rounds I had finally found the two finalists… another 30 minutes and 30 sweat pearls on my forehead later, my decision was made.

The winner is Soso, who has posted her comment in french on June 6th at 7.59 pm. “Tiens… les bébés naîtraient-ils dans les pelotes de laine?”, which can be approximately translated with “What?!? Babies are born amongst the skeins of wool?”. This does not make a lot of sense in English. Probably it is more common to hear that babies are brought by the stork or maybe found under a gooseberry bush… In french, however, babies are born amongst the cabbages… this is why it does make (cute) sense to say that crocheted animals are born amongst skeins of wool. So, congratulations, Soso, and please send me your address! Yay!

To all the others: thank you many times for having participated in this competition. I loved reading all your comments which were funny and cute! I would also like to thank you for the warm welcome of my blog. ♥♥♥

And now, it means farewell, old friend: