Hello world! (+ gift inside)

Hello world! This was the title of the first automated post by wordpress… and I must admit: I like it! Because, having lived in Poland, Germany, France, and now Mauritius, when I’m saying “hello”, it is indeed kind of global. So: hello world and hello reader, welcome to this blog! Some of you may know me already from instagram where you might follow my pictures. But I hope that this blog will be a possibility to reach out even further to the world and just share the joy of crochet-projects and other needlework! There is a blogroll page here which shows some of the blogs I like. The beautiful blog By Mimosette actually got me into joining instagram, and the fabulous blogs of Aurélie La Poule and Tournicote were decisive for me to start blogging myself! So thanks to all three of you for inspiring me so much! ♥♥♥

So, what will you find here? A priori, a LOT of crochet… then, hopefully, some other needlework like knitting or sewing… from time to time you might find my thoughts on a book I have read… and also just some pictures from Mauritius, my new home since two years, and the life here.



In order to share my joy and excitement over the new existence of my blog (yay!), I would like to welcome you, dear readers, with a gift. The gift is in fact this cat lady. When she is not drinking tea (sorry, but, well, I brought her up so she was bound to end up loving darjeeling…), she is sleeping most of the time…



Yeah, well, she is a cat, right? So, I am giving this cat away as a gift. Since there is only one (…) I have to find the person who will keep her. I am not so much into lotteries, so… I would like to propose you a kind of contest. To get the cat, you will have to tell me, in your comment, what Mimisouris (Mimimouse) on the picture below is thinking:


Just imagine a thought-bubble, the ones you find in comic books, and let me know what would be written there. From all the comments, I will choose the one I like the most and contact you by e-mail for your address, so that I can send you the cat! The deadline for participating is Sunday, June 15th, 23.59h (Mauritian time, i.e. UTC+04:00).

I am already very excited on reading your comments!!!

Also, if you have any suggestions for the blog, or you think something is missing, then please tell me! I will be always grateful for tips on how to improve this blog. Also, I am currently posting in three languages, but do not use automated translations. I do not know yet how much time this will take… but I hope I will be able to continue blogging in English, French and German.

The future new cat-owner will be announced in the week following the deadline. Yay!



6 thoughts on “Hello world! (+ gift inside)

  1. J’ai été très satisfaite de découvrir ce blog. Merci beaucoup pour ce billet! J’ai terriblement apprécié cet article et je vous archives dans mes favoris pour gueter vos prochaines publications.

  2. Lovely blog!

    “I wonder what my husband Jan will think about my stash of yarn! ”

    The typical dilemma of most knitters/crocheters!

  3. How wonderful that you have your own blog now! I’ve been following you on Instagram and I am always amazed by your cute creations. I would love to have a chance at winning your crocheted kitty cat! Let’s see if I know what Mimisouris is thinking.. maybe:”I wonder what my next brother or sister will be, a bear? a fox? or maybe a sheep?”

    1. Thanks a lot, Carmen, for your warm welcome! Yes, I am very excited about my new blog and the new possibilities it offers. Instagram is definitely great, because so easy and quick to use, but obviously, blogging allows for more detailed presentations and probably also for closer relations between the users… Have a great day!

  4. Merci pour ce concours, c’est toujours un agréable moment et avoir notre chance grace à notre imagination ce n’est que mieux.
    Souricette doit se dire : “Ça y est, j’ai tout le matériel pour crocheter un chat mais il me manque les yeux … Tant pis pour les yeux ! Au moins avec un chat aveugle, je suis sûre de gagner la prochaine fois que nous jouerons au chat et à la souris !”
    Il ne me reste plus qu’à croiser les yeux … Euh, les doigts !
    Bonne journée.

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