Holiday… in Mauritius ♥

Last week, we were on holiday. Yay! What do you do when you live in Mauritius and you have only one week of holiday? You go to a hotel, in Mauritus! This is what we hoped to find:

CAM05879But upon our arrival, it was rather like that:



Fortunately, the weather got better and better every day:


A boat tour on the sea:


The “Ile aux Aigrettes”, a protected area known for its turtles:


The mauritian pigeon, in my humble opinion so much cuter than its european cousin:


And also:


There were plenty of starfishes! Did you know that there exists a four-armed version? Strangely, we have only seen four-armed starfishes during the first couple of days and only five-armed ones during the last days of our stay. If anybody can enlighten me on this mystery, please feel free to do so!

The week went by too quickly… but I hope we will be able to come back soon! Yay!