The age of swapping…

I am a huge fan of swaps. In fact, there can’t be better, to me, they make the magic of the internet! For a long time, I was admiring the swaps of certain French bloggers, and every time I said to myself: “Wow! One day, I’d really like to do such a swap myself”. One of the principal motivations for me to go actively online was this great possibility to share and exchange. And since, I have become a serial swapper! Some time ago, Karine, who participated in the instagram game from the beginning of the year, where you offer gifts, proposed to transform this game into a swap. Of course I accepted instantly! One day, Karine found in her letter box a Mimisouris, the blue one, you know the yellow cheeky girl already, right?


And yesterday, o joy!, I received a parcel from the South of France. I will not go into detail on the state of the parcel… EVERYTHING had been opened (welcome to customs…) and, this was obvious, by a man, so, why would poor Karine have made such an effort to nicely wrap everything?? But the content was pristine! Yay! Here we go:


Crocheted marvels, very nice soap from the French perfumery Fragonard (lavender and mimosa), I don’t even dare using it, it just smells too nice, and French almond cookies. I now know that it is possible to send food by post. I have not done so so far because I thought there might be customs issues. Well, I will just try a next time in the hope that it also works for Mauritius –> France. This is what we call in French “pourrie gâtée” which means literally  “pampered up to the point of being spoiled” (in the real sense of the term, like food that has gone bad) but in fact it just means that you have been really, really spoiled by somebody.


The magic wand was an immediate success. As soon as it had been seen, touched, tried out, approved, I was asked “wings and a crown like the tooth fairy in Peppa Pig, okay, Momma?”. Uhhh… let’s see, darling…



Yay! Finally I know where to put my needles in a way as to prevent minor finger injuries!


And the little bag crocheted in the beautiful star-stitch pattern (such a delicate work, Karine!) has found its destination as an caboodle-bag-in-bag so that I can finally find my stuff which always gets lost in my handbags!

Everything is just wonderful! Thanks a lot, Karine!!! You have spoiled me completely!

And also: don’t forget, dear readers, that the little cat-lady is still looking for a new home! You have till sunday night to win her. Meow!

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    1. Thanks Lisanne! You can try to win it, if you want to participate in the game. :*

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