The age of swapping (part 2)

As you know already, I am a big fan of swaps. Some time ago, I organised an exchange of gifts with Sandrine (from the pretty online-shop “By the Way“). Sandrine was much quicker than me… I received her parcel three months ago! IMG_20140428_115210

A beautiful garland, which is now in my study, a pink coaster in the shape of a cloud, a bracelet, a lovely necklace in écru, almond green and gold, adhesive diamonds that can be patched on to fabric, and very cute cardboard houses.

And finally, Sandrine received my gift. At first, I did not know how to proceed with the head:CAM05756

But then, it became crystal clear:

CAM05815This furry lady has been accomanied by beads in different colours for Sandrine’s kids and by embroidery yarn (glittery, of course). Yay! I love these swaps! To be continued…