The age of swapping (part 3b)

I already wrote about my swap with Marjorie and showed you her beautiful gifts. Now, you will see what Marjorie found in her letter box. She had asked me for a cat. The thing is that Marjorie herself crochets beautiful cats!!! So I had to find something different… a cat, yes, but… what type of cat? Marjorie loves airplanes. So guess what job this little lady has?



The inspiration for the uniform was found in the current Air France uniforms and the ones from the 1960s (designed by Christian Lacroix and Christian Dior respectively).


After work, she can put on her yellow bonnet and go home (or to the hotel…).


In her handluggage, the cat lady had some yarn for crocheting, sewing and embroidering, as well as some blue flowery fabric (no pic here…). Travel in style. Stewardess, what else?

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