I ♥ Liberty (Betsy “Fluo Thé”) or: Burda-Style 04/2010 110B

What to do when you fall in love with a Liberty of London fabric (in this case the fabulous “Betsy Tea” with vibrant hues of coral, fuchsia and mustard)???

Liberty of London Betsy Tea Fluo Thé couture sewing eleonoreandmaurice

In my case, when I saw this fabric, I KNEW immediately that I WILL HAVE TO SEW SOMETHING with it… It took me some time to find a pattern that I would like. Finally, I decided to go for the Burda-Style pattern No. 110B, magazine 04/2010, a long-sleeved, ample tunic with a Mandarin collar and pretty pleat-details.

Unfortunately, unlike other bloggers like Cendrine or Aurélie, I am absolutely unable to sew a new blouse in just a couple of hours. For me, it is rather a matter of days… which become months because I am not willing to take one week off to improve my wardrobe! And this is also why I am only very rarely sewing (although I hope that one day, I will have (or take!) more time for it). But, oh my!, do I love wearing something I made myself! (I still have the thick winter jumper I knitted when I was 13 or 14, although, now in Mauritius, I do not really wear it for obvious reasons…)

Still, I braced myself, inhaled very deeply… and started… The process of sewing, due to my limited experience, was lengthy. Fortunately, I have a good stock of books that help me with the techniques because the explanations from Burda magazines are rather suitable for sewers with a certain experience (they are really concise! Given that Burda is a German magazine, one might be tempted to call this “efficient”. Hihihiiii!!!). At moments, I was really stressed out not to destroy the fabric, especially when I had to sew the buttonholes! I was sweating and sooooo scared (you don’t want to mess up a buttonhole)! It took some time but I finally did it.

Burda-Style 04/2010 110B eleonoreandmaurice Liberty of London Betsy Fluo Thé Tea

…and several months later, the result was this:Burda 04/2010 110B eleonoreandmaurice Betsy Tea Fluo Thé

Burda-Style 04/2010 110B eleonoreandmaurice Liberty of London Betsy Fluo Thé TeaNeedless to say, I love it very much, so much that I always put it into a special laundry-bag before gently placing it in the washing-machine… (umm… yeah, I know…). I still have some of it left and hopefully I’ll find the courage to sew something for my daughter… In the meantime, I use some of the scraps for this:

Libertyapple crochet EleonoreandmauriceBut whose little paw is this??? Cheeky!


And thanks a lot, Judith from Paris, for telling me that you are motivated to keep reading my blog in English! Cuddles for your cute girls and all my love to Paris! (Paris in spring… a DREAM!!!)

8 thoughts on “I ♥ Liberty (Betsy “Fluo Thé”) or: Burda-Style 04/2010 110B

    1. Thanks a lot! I bought the fabric at Stragier. It’s a French website and they have many liberty fabrics. This color might be an exclusivity they have, but I’m not sure. If you can’t find it tell me and I’ll check for you.

    1. Thanks so much, Kate! Thought you might like the idea! I thought some more about it and will update you. This is soooo exciting!!!

    1. Thanks, Cendrine! Likewise! C’est un choix un peu douloureux de me limiter à l’anglais, mais c’est TELLEMENT plus facile pour moi que d’essayer d’écrire en plusieurs langues… Des bises!

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