Eleonore and Maurice: The Shop (No April Fool’s trick!)

Big news today: Eleonore and Maurice now has a shop! You can find some of my hand-crafted crochet items and (soon!) some original Eleonore and Maurice patterns. To access the shop, please click here (you can also directly access from the website menu, there is a new category “Shop”).

Eleonore and Maurice The Shop

For the moment, you will find a selection of my Libertyfruits.

Bowl of Libertyfruits eleonoreandmaurice

Liberty Apple Eloise Powder Blue eleonoreandmaurice

Liberty Apple Pistachio Betsy Turquoise eleonoreandmaurice

Liberty Apple Coral Betsy Tea eleonoreandmaurice

In the future, there might be some eleonoreandmaurice-crochet-animals, but, best of all: you will find original eleonoreandmaurice crochet patterns! I have been often asked where you could find my patterns. Well, this will be the place! So keep an eye on the shop and the blog. Thanks to all who have encouraged me on the way!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

13 thoughts on “Eleonore and Maurice: The Shop (No April Fool’s trick!)

  1. Bravo pour votre boutique , je vais attendre les patrons à venir, car je voulais vs prendre des fruits mais j’ai vu une autre boutique qui en vend un peu moins cher. Mais félicitations .

    1. Thanks, Kate! I will have to make some bright-coloured ones. I think you’ll like this! (In fact, I was thinking of you when I did the pistachio green one… but I might be mistaken in thinking that this one would be a favourite of yours…). xoxo

    1. Merci beaucoup, Ariane! J’espère que tu te mettras au crochet un de ces quatre! Bisous

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