A list of wool and threads for crochet

I am regularly receiving questions on the type of yarn I use to crochet. In this post, you will find a list of different types of wool and threads that I like to work with. On the picture, from top left to bottom right you’ll find Phildar Pilou, DMC Natura, Phildar Phil Coton 3, DMC Petra 5, DMC Coton Perlé 8, thin metallic thread, Phildar Sunset, DMC Senso, Phildar Soie Mohair, Drops Safran, and Phildar Phil Douce.image

1. Phildar Pilou. This yarn is fluffy, soft and makes great fluffy amigurumis. I used it here for my original Bahbahmouton.

imagePhildar suggests a 4.5-5.0 crochet, but I always use an entire hook size below the original suggestion. Pilou comes in a range of soft colours. It is also great for bonnets and shawls for kids. It is quite elasticated which makes it a bit more difficult to work with, also because of the fluff. The results are great though.

2. DMC Natura. This is a 100% cotton yarn with a mat aspect. It comes in a beautiful range of over 30 colours, luminous and vibrant as well as soft and pastel. The suggested hook size is 3-3.5. My absolute favorite for amigurumis, cakes, ice creams and more! Here are some examples: French pastries and a PrincessW.



3. Phildar Phil Coton 3. Again, 100% cotton, but this time mercerised and therefore shiny. It comes in a huge variety of colours, is to be used with a hook size 3 and also makes great yarn for all your work. My cat for instance has been done with this yarn.


4. DMC Petra 5. This rather thin cotton thread is good for lace and finer work. It is used with a hook size 2. Because I think that smaller amigurumis are cuter when worked with a thinner yarn and hook (rather than using a bigger thread and make less stitches), I use it for smaller items. For instance, these amineko cats have been done with Petra 5.

imageAgain: an incredible range of colours!!! And since it is thin, 50 g will last FOREVER!

5. DMC Coton Perlé 8. A beautiful thin cotton thread for lace work. Use a hook size 1-1.5. Because the colours are soooo beautiful (basically you can find whatever colour you might think of), I sometimes doubled it to make an amigurumi. An example is my version of Lalylala’s Mici.image

I also did some lace work with it like this doily, but then, I do not double the yarn.


6. Thin metallic thread. I use this if I want to add a little bit of sparkly bling-bling to other thread.


7. Phildar Sunset. A mixture of viscose and polyester to be used with a hook size 2-2.5. I double it to make sparkly mini-crowns and use a very small hook size so that they are quite stiff.


8. DMC Senso. A mixture of cotton, rayon and linen for a hook size 3. The linen makes it a little bit rougher and gives your work a more rustic look. I made some small doilies with it.


9. Phildar Soie Mohair. A beautiful, fluffy and soft mixture of wool, with a majority of mohair and silk. To be used with a hook size 4. As always, I use a smaller one. I love using this yarn to create cute and classy accessories for my amigurumi dolls, like here for one of the Mimisouris twins. I made her bonnet and hand-muff with this yarn.

Mimisouris Eleonoreandmaurice 8

10. Drops Safran. A cheaper alternative to DMC Natura. There is not a big difference between the two. Safran is also made of 100% combed cotton and also to be used with a hook size 3. Again, it comes in over 30 colours. Before I found a shop where I can buy DMC Natura in Mauritius, I used to work with Drops Safran. This Mimisouris here has been crafted with Safran.


11. Phildar Phil Douce. 100% polyester but sooooo soft and fluffy! Crochet with a hook size 5. I made this cute fox baby shawl with it and a truly special Bahbahmouton.


imageI hope this is helpful. Enjoy!

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  1. Merci Aleksandra pour cet article, c’est très intéressant ! Il y a des qualités que j’ai bien envie de tester maintenant :)

    1. Oh, mais c’est chouette ! Hâte de découvrir ce que tu nous prépareras alors, Flo. Bisou !

  2. Your work is absolutely superb and thank you so much for sharing. I cannot remember how I found your blog but I am thankful that I have. Seeing your work just makes me smile.

    1. Thanks a lot, Carol! Maybe you found my blog on instagram? Do you know it?

  3. Merci Aleksandra pour cette leçon de fils à crocheter très intéressante. … c est drôle car comme toi j utilise toujours un crochet s un point de moins que celui préconisé par l étiquette de la pelote. Bises et happy crochet; -)

    1. :) oui, avec un crochet plus petit je ne suis pas obligée de crocheter trop serré, ce qui est moins fatiguant. Le résultat est aussi bien régulier. Bisou et merci pour ton commentaire !

    1. Mille mercis, Cendrine! J’avance tout doucement sur notre échange. Je suis en train de confectionner la robe du doudou pour Mathilde. C’est donc bientôt fini ! :*

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