Some of my favourite crochet books…

If you want to know where I get my crochet-mojo from, well, here is the answer: these books are just the most amazing sources of crochet inspiration ever!

The first one I’d like to present you is “Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon” by Kate Bruning. Kate has the amazing blog Greedy for Colour. She created the very cute rabbit Stanley, a little boy, and tells stories around Stanley and his family. Kate is amazingly creative. In her book, you will not only find some beautiful patterns (my favourite: the hot air balloon) but also a whole Stanley story. Her blog is a treasure chest filled with many, many free tutorials. You will definitely have to check it out.

The next book is “Les Doudous d’Agathe Rose” by Nathalie Barthez. Nathalie also has her blog, Agathe Rose, where you will find a lot of cute amigurumis and more. Her book contains a lot of different animals to crochet, a cat, a rabbit, a dog, an elephant and more! Nathalie is an amazing allrounder: not only does she crochet but also sew, create Waldorf dolls, do embroidery work and more.

The fox in the pic below is one of the patterns in her book:
The third book in my list is by Sandrine Deveze, aka Tournicote… à cloche-pied, entitled “Tendre Crochet”. The good news is that is has also been published in English, Spanish, and German. So many cute amigurumi projects in this book…
This is my version of her cute little crochet house:
The next book is the perfect choice for starting a collection of pretend food. It’s “Crochet Gourmand” by Amélie Takashi. I love her cute French pastries: It does look yummy, doesn’ it?
If you are looking for a book that explains the crochet basics, various stitches and proposes a lot of doilies, curtains, table cloths, cushions etc, you might want to go for “Le Crochet – 55 modèles à réaliser”. The doily below is the most beautiful one I have ever seen in my life. It takes a long time to make but the result is amazing.And what are your favourite crochet books?

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