French pastry and Oreo mini tutorial…

I still am, and probably always will be, a fan of pretend food. Especially when we pretend to have cake and biscuits. What bette than to share a small tutorial with you. Oreos anybody?

1. and 2. Still working on the pastries for the cousins from England. The mini-tart, the muffin and cupcake are from the book “Crochet Gourmand”. For the Oreo biscuits, I simply crocheted 3 discs, one white, two black, made of double crochet stitches worked in a round (magic circle, then rd 1: start with 3 chain stitches, then 13 dc in the circle, rd 2: start with 3 chain stitches, then 2 dc in one dc of the preceding round, then 1 dc alternated until the end of the round. That gives 21 dc), close with a slip stitch and sew together. The lemon, mint and strawberry puff pastries are worked accordingly, I just worked around a loop of 22 chain stitches to leave a whole for the cream. As usual, I used DMC Natura yarn, which comes in a great variety of colours, and a hook size 2.5. I always use a smaller hook size since this allows me to crochet a little less tightly, which is just nicer for the hands, right? They never hurt!

3. A Liberty Apple, of course.

Have a nice weekend! <3

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4 thoughts on “French pastry and Oreo mini tutorial…

  1. C’est juste magnifique! Les réalisations, la présentation, les photos…
    Mes filles (4 et 8 ans) ont fait “whaou” en voyant tes gâteaux! ;)

    1. Oh, c’est trop chouette! Ma toute première sélection sur Abracadacraft. Merci, Charlotte!!! 😊

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