Japanese sewing for girls (chirp, chirp)

You might already have noticed that I am a big admirer of those crafty ladies who sew their children’s or their own wardrobe (just take a look at Cendrine’s blog, her sewing is marvelous! Maybe you also remember the lovely gifts she prepared me for our swap). Inspired by all the beautiful sewing found on the blogosphere (click, click, click and click), I decided to also do a little bit of sewing. I found this beautiful birdy fabric an eternity ago and thought it would be perfect for a girl’s skirt.


The French editor Editions de Saxe has a wide range of books for crafting, including a panoply of sewing books. I love all of them, the patterns are beautiful, the pictures as well (they often choose Liberty of London fabrics), and, an important advantage, the sewing instructions contain many illustrations and are very precise, an important factor because I don’t have a lot of sewing experience (my last sewing project was this shirt here and it took me several full days to make!).


The pattern for the skirt is from this book. It couldn’t be easier to sew. Basically, you have one straight, large piece of fabric and you fix an elasticated waistband to it.

Funnily, when I moved to Mauritius, Editions de Saxe would deliver worldwide for only 5€! So, obviously, I ordered… rather a lot of books. But somehow, one day they just changed that… Hope I am not responsible…


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