Pastel crochet

It is as if this Libertypear and the Libertyapple had been just waiting for good company. Last week, the good company came in the form of a beautiful garland and a Liberty coloring book.

One wonderful thing about Instagram is that you find people with the same interests. This has led me to swap gifts several times in the past (take a look for instance at my posts here and here and here… and here!). In this case it even got better since I got to meet an IG girl, for the first time and super rare since most of my followings and followers are from Europe which is… quite far away from my current abode on a small island in the Indian Ocean. Margolita is a French expat who has moved to Mauritius some time ago and as her blog and Instagram account display, she’s one crafty lady! Thanks a lot for the gifts (there were also some lovely artisanal hair clips which are missing in the pic)! ♥

Other than that, much here is still, and always will be, about Libertyfruits. As always, I am using DMC Natura cotton yarn and a crochet hook size 2.5.

Have a nice weekend! ♥♥♥