The evolution of Odette’s marble cake

Recently, I told you about a new recipe for a marble cake that I had discovered on one of my favourite blogs. Well, since then, Odette’s famous marble cake has evolved (and I’ll share the recipe with you).


First thing you obviously see: it’s not marbly anymore. I removed the cocoa in the original recipe and added vanilla bean instead. I also added a fourth egg and some cream of tartar. Accompanied by some tea, this cake is just a dream.

So, here’s the recipe: beat 125 g butter and 190 g sugar for 10 minutes until really fluffy. Add, one by one, 4 egg yolks, beating for about 1 minute in between each egg yolk. Add the pulp of a vanilla pod. Add 250 g flour mixed with 2 teaspoons of cream of tartar and half a glass of milk in two times, beat only until you don’t see the flour anymore. Very carefully add 4 egg whites, beaten until stiff, with a spoon. Put in the preheated oven (150 degrees) for 90 minutes. Tadaa! Your cake is ready to be enjoyed!