Jacques, the crochet (add unknown animal name here)

For over a year or more, I had an excess crocheted head with already fixed eyes. Initially, it had been intended for a new Bahbahmouton, but somehow I had never finished it. So when I found it in the depths of my crochet work basket, I thought that it would be nice to try something new. So I started scribbling down some ideas and went to work. And this is Jacques:

I used, as usual, DMC Natura yarn with a crochet hook size 2.5 and used some thinner thread to do the embroidery. Obviously I added the compulsory beauty-spot-trademark on the face (do you find it?). To make Jacques more classy, I also fixed a small Liberty of London Betsy bow tie. French chic, of course!

Agathe Rose recently asked on Instagram if Jacques would marry her… Well… Sorry, Nathalie, but I think he already has an eye on somebody else…

And then, there is also the beach, what else!?

This little bird is teasing me! I am thinking about trying to do a crochet bird one day…

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6 thoughts on “Jacques, the crochet (add unknown animal name here)

  1. Moi aussi je l’aurai bien demandé en “épousaille” en plus je lui déroule le tapis rouge dans la sélection du jour. Je vais me consoler dans les bras d’un autre prince ;-)

    1. Quel honneur! Merci! ❤️ D’ailleurs, l’autre prince a certainement des bras plus forts que petit Jacques ici… Bon choix alors! 😘

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