This week in my mailbox…

Who doesn’t love surprises? I most certainly do! One day this week, I came home to open my mailbox and find an envelope from France. It was from my Instagram friend @aufildemesenvies. Since I knew that said envelope had to contain some marvels, I instantly hastened inside to open the envelope. Lucky me!


I found the cutest of crocheted baby cardigans and baby hats. The colour is a beautiful sea green shade, the yarn is wonderfully soft and the pattern is elegant and timeless. I am very much impressed by this work since Karine did not have any baby sizes for this pattern. She adapted it all by herself!

I always thought that crochet cardigans and hats would be too old style and not really look nice (I had always preferred knitted ones). But thanks to this ensemble here I have been taught better because it just is lovely! So I guess that I will now start looking for crochet cardigan patterns!


As if this wasn’t already wonderful enough, she had added a cute crochet animal in soft hues of pink, coral and brown. This little cutie has a big fan here and was instantly adopted.

Thank you so much, Karine, you made more than one person happy with your generosity! ❤️❤️❤️