Aime comme Marie (+ hazelnut cake recipe)

It is no secret that I am an admirer and confessing lover of Liberty of London fabrics. The quality is amazing and there cannot be more beautiful flowery fabrics. I am also a fan of the French brand Aime comme Marie which sells sewing patterns. Unfortunately, I am rather inexperienced in sewing (which is why I enjoy so much strolling and scrolling on the websites of Cendrine (Fée des Pom’en Sucre) and Aurélie (Une Poule à Petits Pas).

One of my favourite patterns from Marie is the Aime comme Marche à Suivre, a pair of trousers which looks amazing in Liberty. Just check out the hashtag #aimecommemarcheasuivre on Instagram. It took me an eternity (literally, I think I started in January 2015 or so…), but it was worth it.



The instructions are in fact very clear, it was just my lack of sewing experience that explains the… delay. The pattern comes with helpful illustrations. In fact, these trousers are a good first project since there are no particular difficulties (for instance, there is no zip). I am now thinking of sewing another one.

And, yes, let me also share with you this yummy recipe for a hazelnut cake: preheat the oven at 180 degrees. Mix 200g butter until soft. Add 160g sugar and mix until white and fluffy. Add, one by one, three eggs, mixing for a minute in between each egg. Add 200g of flour with two teaspoons of baking powder, add 100ml milk and mix for another couple of minutes. Add 150g ground hazelnuts and 50g ground almonds. Transfer into the baking tin and bake for about 55 minutes. Enjoy!