Recent crochet moments

I am in the middle of a zillion or so unfinished projects… I started a lovely blanket which will soon deserve its own post, I am finishing a crochet doll to leave for the Big Apple soon, and I am trying to work on some tutorials. Therefore, no finished project to show, just some recent moments in pictures.

#1 I love the yarn, I love the colours, I love the design…

#2 Somehow my eldest thought that Bahbahmouton was a girl and needed some lipstick…

#3 Working on a new doll to be dressed in Liberty of London.

#4 Sweet Squirrel also wanted some Liberty of London.

#5 Have I talked about Liberty of London lately? I love the delicate flowers and motives of this fabric and plan to make some trousers out of it.

#6 Some pastel coloured Libertyfruits to go to NYC as well.