What was first: the chicken or the egg?

Well, in my case I will have to say the chicken. Fortunately! Why? Because every single year, I forget that the winter time in Mauritius can be a little bit chilly, at least in the center region where I am living. So every single year, all of a sudden I realize that the kids will be cold! Well, this year, I was cleverer than that and was able to make a warm and cuddly knitted jumper appear (literally since it had been stored in a box for a couple of years…).


The pattern is from one of La Droguerie’s knitting books for babies. La Droguerie is a French brand for crafting, they do not only sell books, but also the material you need for crafting. This jumper is originally made with their alpaca wool. I had not used it back then when I was knitting this cute jumper but am using it now to make a baby blanket. You can see some pictures of my work in progress here and here. For this knitting project I used Ideal by Bergère de France. It contains 40% of wool and is therefore warm, but also hassle free and comes in a great variety of colours which makes it perfect for any knitting project. I knitted the jumper for a 6 months old baby and used 2 skeins of red wool and some rests of orange, eggshell and grey wool for the chicken, using a needle size 3 and a black pearl for the eye.

Before this model, I was not really used to intarsia knitting and I must admit that it challenged my patience somewhat, but next to the fact that the result is really cute, another advantage is that the jumper will keep really warm since several strands of yarn are running at the back of the jumper.

There is a big change coming at Eleonore and Maurice soon and I can already say that I need to get my knitting needles ready because really cold weather is awaiting me in the nearer future!