Some Sweet Blanket Love (part 1)

From the very first moment my sore eyes lay their sight on Catherine’s amazing flower-blanket, I knew: one day, when I will have grown up, I will make one myself…

This moment had finally arrived some 900 days later. I have started a couple of months back and made quite rapid progress until I decided to do some other work and set it aside. It is now back on my hook because I cannot really start any bigger new project now since we are moving soon to Europe and I am limited to taking only essential things with me (define “essential”, right?). I am burning to make Tournicote’s Gédéon whom you are seeing on the cover of her second book, but he would take too much space in my suitcase and I couldn’t leave him behind in Mauritius!

Catherine’s flower blanket on her blog is crocheted with cotton yarn, but on her Instagram account, you can see it made with alpaca yarn from La Droguerie. The original design is by Solveig Grimstad and is poetically called “Flowers in the Snow”. You can find the free pattern on Solveig’s ravelry page and more details and beautiful pictures on Catherine’s ravely page. (For those who don’t know ravelry: it is a knitting / crocheting community and you can find plenty of tutorials and get inspired from Earth to the Moon and back. You need to open a free account though.)

I hesitated for nearly three years to start this project because the yarn is quite expensive. I bought 12 colours à 40 g and about 250 g of écru, so in total 730 g of La Droguerie’s Alpaga, which cost me about 100 euros. I do not regret to have spent this amount of money though: alpaca is an expensive yarn anyway but in addition, La Droguerie’s Alpaga is of a very high quality and comes in such a beautiful array of colours. I am quite optimistic that this blanket can last more than one generation!

Hopefully, I will be able to show you part 2 of Blanket Love soon! (=^.^=)

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    1. Merci, Julie! ❤️ oui, j’ai pas mal de fils et j’essaie de voir ce que je peux amener avec moi!!! D’ailleurs, tu auras à me dire un peu sur tes préférences pour Kira. 💕

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