Corduroy skirts for my girl and her doll (free crochet tutorial inside ♥)

I had already announced it on Instagram: I was looking for a beautiful and easy sewing project for a blueish grey corduroy fabric I had in my stock. Quickly, I thought of this skirt. Made of corduroy, it will keep my daughter nice and warm during her first European autumn.

The book’s title is “Vêtements amples à superposer” and contains many ample girls’ clothes that can be layered. It was published by Les Editions de Saxe. I love this book. Every single pattern is classy and stylish, yet simple and not too frilly. Exactly what I like! I wish I could sew quicker because I would dearly love to make all the models the book contains. But since my sewing skills are rather limited, I opted (again) for the skirt. I did not use exactly the same pattern you see in the picture, but a variation which I have already used in the past for the skirt with the cute birdies-fabric here. I then thought that it would be nice if my daughter’s favorite doll (made by the talented Autour de Dea) could dress the same way. Also, I had some fabric scraps left and since I really like this soft corduroy, I was looking for a way to use them wisely.

To sew the doll’s skirt, I cut the scraps into rectangles / squares and joined them together to get a nice width of fabric. I then sew this new large rectangle into a tube. Next, I prepared a waist belt with the Liberty fabric and attached it to the skirt, leaving a small hole for the elastic band. To make it easier and gain time, I did not bother to gather the skirt prior to attaching the waist belt. The frills came naturally once I inserted the elastic band. Finally, I did the hemline, and, tadaa!, the skirt was ready.

But then, I realised that the doll needed a top to go with her outfit! I quickly made one using some matching DMC Natura cotton yarn. Basically, you prepare a crochet chain and then work in rounds with double crochets and a hook size three.

Crochet top for doll 1

And this is how the doll’s outfit finally looks like:

I thought you might like a tutorial for the top, so here it is in a downloadable pdf-file for a doll of about 40 cm height. I hope you will like it! ♥ ♥ ♥

And here is the final result of my daughter’s new skirt:


I think we are ready now: Autumn, you may come!

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    1. Je suis RA-VIE! Etre sélectionnée, c’est toujours un super plaisir, mais en plus, qu’abracadacraft me sélectionne pour un billet contenant de la couture… (bon, j’avoue, j’ai triché, il y a toujours du crochet dedans). Merci!!!

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