Kira and her baby ♥

Sometimes, I am asked how I started to crochet amigurumis. I had crocheted and knitted as a child. When I was 14, I knitted my first jumper. I used about a kg of yarn! It was extremely warm and, in fact, still exists (but has assumed a second life in one of my parents wardrobes when I started living under the sun…). I have always been rather into knitting, until… we left Europe and I realised that there was no real point knitting jumpers whilst living in Mauritius! Feeling restless when my hands are not busy though, I needed a new hobby… I started crocheting cardigans for my baby, but then, fortunately, discovered some beautiful blogs. I found Kira the kangaroo made by Tournicote, Fibi the fox made by Sophie, and Guimauve (hihihii! It’s still Kira, right?) made by Aurélie. I knew: this will be my new thing…

This was my first Lalylala doll. Back then, I was visiting my parents and fortunately, my mum always has a big box with leftover yarn in the basement. I found what I was looking for and went to work. Until today, Kira is one of my favourite models. The little baby in her pouch… awwww!!!

And in fact, a few years later I am still crocheting, crocheting, crocheting… We will be moving back to the Northern hemisphere soon. Facing the need for some warm cardigans and jumpers for this winter, I was clever and outsourced this task to Oma. ^.^

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  1. Oh que j’aimerais savoir crocheter rien que pour faire ce modèle… je comprends que ce soit ton préféré !!! Un grand coucou du Portugal ;)

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