Recent (crochet) moments part 3

Here are some of my favourite crafty moments these last days:

1. Crafty packaging with Liberty galore.

2. I had to replenish my stock. Finally, some Yummy DMC Natura Cotton has arrived in my favourite craft shop. I had been asking for this for a year!!! Every time, Mr. Hassamal would tell me: “I ordered, but they didn’t send any, it’s just for the European market.” So every time, I would insist and ask again and couldn’t be shaken. Well, insistence up to the point of obnoxiousness finally paid off since some Yummy colours are now available in Mauritius! Yay!

3. Happy family chilling out.

4. I love this Liberty. I definitely need to consider sewing clothes for a doll… It would make a lovely dress. In the meantime, I’m having some macaroons…

2 thoughts on “Recent (crochet) moments part 3

  1. C’est vrai que les couleurs de la gamme natura sont toutes plus belles les unes que les autres… entren deux cartons, tu arrives à faire tout ça, bravo !(je pense aussi au patron…)

    1. Ah, Julie, tu me surestimes! Côté cartons je ne fais rien! Voilà pourquoi j’arrive à faire d’autres choses!

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