Henry Very British: the making of

I wondered how hearing very British English and seeing typical London terraced houses everyday would influence my crocheting, or if it would at all! What inspiration do you get from being in London in autumn after having spent several years without any autumn at all? Well, apparently, you end up with Henry Very British! One evening, I suddenly had him in my mind, dressed in autumn colours and wearing a bow-tie. So I quickly took my notebook and started scribbling and drawing.

Crochet doll henry very British This is what I usually do when I come up with a new crochet doll: I prepare a drawing and will then start to translate it into crochet. Sometimes I will have to think about where and how to start. Apparently, I started Henry from the top:

Crochet doll henry very British 2

And here he is ready. I particularly enjoyed taking time to look for the right colours and choose the right Liberty for his bow-tie.

Crochet doll henry very British 3

Crochet doll henry very British 3

Once the doll is ready, I check if it corresponds exactly to what I had in mind and if it does not, then usually I will make a second one and adapt it accordingly. So I am currently making a second one because I prefered slightly shorter and thicker legs.

Henry Very British 2 Eleonoreandmaurice

And then, I will in fact make a third one so that I can check if everything is right with the pattern. I start thinking: Henry needs a Henriette, now, doesn’t he?

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    1. Ha! I started putting some ideas on paper yesterday. I think they will make a nice couple! Thanks, Nath! Bisous!

    1. Thanks so much! I already have some ideas and maybe I’ll be able to start drawing this evening… I’m excited!!!

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