Meet Mister Stark (pattern by Agathe Rose ♥)

This summer (winter for me in fact since I was still in Maurtius back then), one of my favourite Amigurumi designers, Agathe Rose, asked me if I would like to test her new pattern, Mister Stark. You bet, I did! Crocheting a creature carrying such a mysterious name… I had to!

Mr Stark by Eleonore and Maurice 1As always, I used DMC Natura cotton yarn with a crochet hooksize 2.5. Agathe Rose’s pattern suggests to use felt for the cheeks, but I used a crimson thread to bring out the bright pink of the body. And because I believe that it is always a good idea to add some contrast, I used a very intensive yellow for the tummy. I used a thinner thread to embroider the face and the fur. The pattern contains three different types of ears, I chose the round ones. Agathe Rose published it in English and in French.

Mr Stark by Eleonore and Maurice 2Mr Stark by Eleonore and Maurice 3

One of the things I really like about this pattern is that you do not need a lot of time to bring the amigurumi to life. Also, Mister Stark being so small, he is super cute. It is therefore absolutely unsurprising that demand has been expressed for another Mister Stark in my family. I am not ashamed to admit that I keep this one here selfishly to myself! Wouldn’t you?

Mr Stark by Eleonore and Maurice 4And just like every normal real-life super hero, Mister Stark sometimes needs to sleep. Good night, Mister Stark. Sweet dreams!


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    1. Oh non, merci à toi pour ta confiance (répétée). Cela fait un bon moment que je voulais faire un billet sur ce petit Monsieur que j’aime énormément! Des bisous!

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